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What Does Medicare Part G Cover

If you’re currently enrolled in Original Medicare you probably already know that there are gaps in the coverage. This is because original Medicare Part and Medicare Part B were never designed to cover all of your possible health insurance expenses. This is one reason that private health insurance companies are offering Medicare supplement plans or Medigap plans throughout the US. If you’re 65 or turning 65 soon, you’ll probably want to consider a Medicare Supplement plan as well. Medigap policies usually provide better coverage than traditional Medicare.

There are several different types of Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans. In this article we’d like to take a look at Medicare part G or Medigap part G. Many people ask us what does Medicare G cover? This is a great question. The reality is that Medigap part G is very similar to a Medicare Supplement Plan F. Because these two plans cover so much they tend to be very popular to many Americans today. Where the two plans vary is that Medicare Supplement plan G will not provide coverage for the deductible on your Medicare part B plan. That’s really the main difference between Medicare supplement part G and Medicare supplement part F.

Because the deductible of Medicare Part B can change over the years, paying for all of your medical expenses will be necessary until you reach that specific level. Once you’ve spent the entirety of your deductible you’ll probably be responsible for an average of 20% of your additional expenses from your Medicare Part B plan.

Similar to other Medicare supplemental insurance, Medigap part G will help with other certain out of pocket expenses as well as the following benefits.

If you have other questions about Medicare supplement plan G coverage or any other Medigap policies, we’d be happy to help you in anyway possible. We specialize in helping you find the most affordable Medigap coverage as possible by working with some of the top rated companies out there.

Stay tuned for more questions about Medicare Supplement plans like what’s the difference between plan G and plan G medicare supplement.