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Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas 2020 | Rates & Benefits

It’s hard to believe but soon, many Texas seniors will be thinking about their Medicare options for 2020. There’s a good reason, seniors are facing rising cost in health care every year. If you’re turning 65 this year, there are some great options for you when it comes to comparing Medicare plans in the Longhorn State. Typically most seniors living in Texas will compare Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap Plans) and Medicare Advantage Plans. These two options continue to be very popular in addition to original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas for 2020

So what’s the difference between Texas Medigap (Supplement) Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas. The main difference between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage is that Medigap plans supplement your existing original Medicare plan whereas Medicare Advantage Plans are sold exclusively through a private health insurance provider and they cover most of your medical expenses. You may be wondering which Medicare plan is right for you. Well, that depends on several factors and will vary by person. This is why it’s always smart to speak to a licensed Medicare specialists about your specific health insurance needs.

When it comes to finding the right Medigap plan in Texas, here’s what you need to remember. Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B will not cover all of your health costs. This is why a Medigap or Supplement plan can be a wise choice. These plans will cover health care costs not covered under your original Medicare plan. There are about ten different Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas to choose from and each plan’s coverage varies a little. Most plans help cover expenses like routine blood work, skilled nursing care and foreign travel.

Top Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas 2020

Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas tend to be sold from some of the top health insurance providers in the nation including some of the top rated carriers in the state. This is one reason why you may want to compare Medigap plans in Texas based on your city. We offer quotes for Texans living in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and most other cities scattered around the Longhorn state.

Please note, if you’re interested in a prescription drug coverage plan from Medicare in Texas, we can help with that as well. Feel free to give us a call with all of your Texas Medicare questions or you can also compare Medicare Supplement plans in Texas now by using the search box at the top of this page.