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Medicare Open Enrollment 2018

There are many American seniors 65 and older who are looking forward to Medicare Open Enrollment 2018. The reason is that many of them will be enrolling in Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B for the very first time. Other seniors living in the US will be comparing Medigap or Supplemental insurance for the very first time. Each year thousands US citizens compare Medigap plans in order to see what changes Open Enrollment will bring and how they might save hundreds on health insurance costs.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 provide seniors sixty five and older with important health insurance coverage. These Medigap plans are sold through private health insurance companies throughout the US. Medicare Supplemental insurance 2018 helps cover the gaps left by traditional Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. These Medigap plans cover expenses like extended hospital stays, routine blood work and even travel outside the continental US. It really depends on what you need.

Medicare Open Enrollment 2018 will be held from October 15 through December 7th. However, you can enroll in a Medigap plan during the first six months after you turn 65. There are a few other special circumstances that allow you to enroll in Medicare Supplement 2018 plan outside of Open Enrollment. It’s important to speak to a licensed agent about your specific needs.

Medicare Supplement plans help seniors save thousands on health insurance expenses every year. Many seniors are feeling the pinch when it comes to their monthly budget. Most seniors living in the US could benefit from a Medigap policy and they may not even know it.

You can compare the best rated Medicare Supplement plans 2018 using our website. If you would like to enroll in a plan and you’re eligible, you can do that on our website too. Please note, Medicare Supplement plans  are different that Advantage plans in California. Also, if you need a Prescription Drug plan you’ll need to enroll in a Medicare Part D policy.

Medicare Supplement plans usually have a monthly premiums. The prices and rates of these plans vary by age and where you live. A person shopping for Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 in Florida plans will probably find different rates and policies than a person comparing California Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018.

You can get started comparing Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 now even though Medicare Open Enrollment isn’t for a couple of months.