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Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota for 2019

If you’re planning on enrolling in Medicare this year, you may want to learn about Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota for 2019. These don’t work exactly the same way that Medicare Advantage plans do, but both kinds of Medicare insurance are meant to help beneficiaries control and predict costs for things that aren’t fully covered by Original Medicare. In most cases, they also offer extra benefits that can help retirees afford health costs that Medicare won’t pay for at all.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota for 2019

If you want to compare local prices for Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota for 2019, we offer two choices. You can use our online system to find providers and compare quotes at any time. Alternatively, you can find toll-free numbers that will connect you with live agents.

Minnesota Medicare Cost Plans Ending in 2019

Most states use the plans that the federal government standardized; however, Minnesota has its own standards for Medigap plans. Instead of offering 10 plans, you will find these Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota:

While you won’t find Plan G in Minnesota, you will get some state-mandated benefits that residents of other states may not get. These include reconstructive surgery, immunizations, and diabetic supplies. You can learn more about Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota on the official Medicare site.

These are some sample annual prices for Minnesota Medigap plans for a new beneficiary who is turning 65 and just wants the Basic Plan:

Note that these are only sample prices pulled from one source that will probably not exactly match your own quotes. Even though these are yearly premiums, insurers will allow you to pay monthly, usually through an ACH withdrawal from a bank account. These sample prices don’t include extra premiums for additional coverage, like the Part A deductible or replacing Part B coinsurance with a copay.

Some insurers have different rates for people in urban vs. rural areas. For instance, you may see one rate quoted for an address in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Bloomington, and another rate quoted for addresses in smaller towns like Crookston.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota Part F and Part G 2019

The federal government guarantees all Medicare beneficiaries who are at least 65 years old a six-month period when they can enroll in any plan and insurers can’t decline the application or charge more because of health history. In Minnesota, even Medicare beneficiaries who are younger than 65 get this same right. This period begins the month that you enroll in Medicare Part A and B, and it lasts for six more months.

Most people enroll in Medicare when they turn 65; however:

Minnesota Medigap Plans vs Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

In a survey published by the Minnesota Department of Health, the government warned that Medicare Part A and B have deductibles and other kinds of coinsurance that may be higher than the plans you were used to when you got health insurance at work. Because supplements help bridge this gap in coverage, they are often referred to as Medigap plans.

Private insurance companies offer the plans that the state standardized. While you can choose between dozens of supplement companies, some very active Medicare insurers in the state.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in Minnesota 2019

While these supplements will help pay for many Medicare costs, they won’t pay for most of your prescription medications. That’s because they’ve been designed to fill in gaps for Original Medicare, and that plan only covers medications in specific circumstances. For instance, Part A may cover drugs you get as an inpatient; meanwhile, Part B only covers a few medications that you may get inside of an inpatient center.

If you want help paying for medication that you order at the drugstore, you will need to enroll in Medicare Part D. Many Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans include drug benefits, but supplements do not.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota

Minnesota offers residents many choices for Medigap plans, and they also provide state beneficiaries with some protections that aren’t found everywhere. Still, it can be tough to sort through all of the different plans to find the right ones.

We want to help you by offering a convenient quote system that allows you to view local plans online. If you’d prefer, you’re also welcome to call an agent with the toll-free phone number.