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Medicare Supplement Plans in California 2018

Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018 will be popular again this year. Californians who qualify for Medicare Part A and B, usually called original Medicare, enjoy a broad range of options. Most people do have some other kind of coverage to enhance their original benefits because Part A and Part B have deductibles, copays, and coinsurance that the recipients will be responsible for. For those that don’t have employer- or union-retirement plans, the options usually include Medigap with Part D or Medicare Advantage plans that already include prescription coverage.

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Medicare Supplement Plans in California 2018

Medicare beneficiaries don’t use Covered California, the health insurance marketplace. That’s for private plans for Californians who don’t qualify for Medicare. Medicare recipients get these plans from private insurers:

Help with Medicare costs for people with low incomes: There are also some low-income programs for seniors that may or may not qualify for California Medicaid, often called Medi-Cal. These may be special Medicare Advantage plans without expensive copays or deductibles, or they may provide extra help to pay supplement premiums. This page on the official Medicare website has information about getting extra help with Medicare costs. Another source of information is the Medi-Cal site.

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2018 in California: Most beneficiaries can only change Medicare Advantage or Part D during open enrollment in the fall. However, some people may get special enrollment periods to sign up for these programs, such as when they first turn 65 or have lost other coverage. If you’re shopping forĀ  California Medigap plans in California, it’s important to speak to a licensed agent.

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018

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