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Life Insurance

There are many people today who are thinking about investing in a life insurance policy. Whether it’s term life insurance, whole life insurance or universal life insurance, finding a cheap life insurance policy is easier than ever when you shop online. At Artemisins, we specialize in affordable life insurance without a medical exam. This would include cheap life insurance for seniors as well as life insurance for smokers. We could even help you find life insurance for children that would provide you the coverage you would need should your child pass away.

Finding Affordable Life Insurance

The easiest way to find affordable life insurance near you is to compare rates from life insurance companies in your home state. The reason is, many of the top rated life insurance companies in your state want to sell policies to their neighbors. Many of the best rated life insurance companies in the nation still rely on word of mouth and a positive customer experience to ensure they stay ahead. The reality is that insurance companies are competing in an incredibly competitive market. The good news is, this helps you, the consumer, save by compare life insurance rates online from these companies. In the old days you’d have to go downtown to your local, licensed agent to find out how much life insurance would cost. However, now you can compare term life insurance rates online.

What Is the Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance

Many people may be wondering what the difference is between term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance pays a predetermined sum to the beneficiary if the insured’s death occurs during a set number of years that is less than the whole life insurance. Typically this would be either a 10 year, 20 year or 30 year policy. However, other term limits pay apply depending on which life insurance company you end up choosing.

Whole life insurance usually pays a predetermined sum to the beneficiary when the insured dies, regardless of when death occurs. Term policies typically have no cash values whereas endowment and whole life insurance policies typically have cash values.

There is a lot of debate out there about which type of life insurance is best, term or whole life insurance. We think it depends and no situation is the same. It’s important to find the most affordable life insurance plan that fits your family’s needs.

Which Life Insurance Company Is Best

If you do a quick search of the Internet using Google or Bing, you’ll quickly find that there are thousands of articles talking about where you can find quality life insurance. If you’re wondering about which life insurance company is the best, you’ll want to consider either, the star rating or real life customer reviews. We recommend using a combination of both in order to find the right life insurance company to fit your needs. It’s worth noting that some companies will offer rates by age online but they will vary depending on which state you live in. Many of these companies offer competitive life insurance rates in all fifty states. Other cash life insurance companies will only offer rates within the state where they do business.\

Life Insurance For Seniors

Seniors are some of the most likely people to need affordable whole life insurance quotes. The reason is, many of them have outlived their term life insurance policies. Now they are looking to compare cheap life insurance for seniors over 50 years old. Several of the biggest life insurance companies out there offer affordable, guaranteed issue, whole life insurance quotes for seniors. They’ve created life insurance plans that cater to those looking to compare life insurance quotes over 50. Many of these policies are exactly the right thing for those looking to compare cheap life insurance for seniors without exam.